Proclaiming the Gospel of peace

master - dominican laity

At the end of 2013, the Master of the Order, Bruno Cadoré, wrote a letter to the Dominican family entitled ‘The Dominican Laity and Preaching‘. He recalls the decision of the friars to give as the theme for the celebration of the Jubilee this motto, ‘as simple as it is radical: «Sent to preach the Gospel», echoing the sending forth of the first friars as preachers at the service of the Church, totally devoted to evangelising the Word of God.

‘This motto is simple in that it centres our attention on what is at the heart of the service that the Church expects of the Order: to proclaim the Gospel. It is radical, because, beyond all the difficulties that may be encountered, beyond the uncertainties that may inhabit us as to what we must be or do, it reminds us that first and foremost we must be open to this «sending forth» from which we take our identity. Today, perhaps more than ever, the theme of the Lay Dominicans should help us to discover more clearly that all of us, members of the Dominican Family, are sent together to favour the conversation of God with the world in proclaiming the Gospel of peace.  Les videre